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A brush in the hand creates a smile on the face.


This drawing is very personal to me. It is the story about how they worked me to the bone then turned around and let me go. FIRED! 

When I was hired as Apparel Developer for Reef I thought I had really found my dream job. This is it! But it wasn't. I got promoted the Bottoms Designer. It meant I designed the pants and shorts part of the line. There was a designer for tops, graphics and the head designer had board shorts. Two years into my time there we got acquired by VF Corporation.  The vibe changed tremendously. People were required to in at certain and could not leave to go surfing. What do you expect from some big executive from Denver? Well another bright idea someone completely removed from the situation was to move out deadlines up 6 months. In fashion we start designing 1 year from the time you see it in stores. This would make it a year and a half. It was too much. Too far ahead but we did it. Most days I worked day and night 8AM - 10PM  while Saturday and Sunday I only came in for half days. It went on and on, chasing that deadline. I had chest pains and thoughts of suicide at the ripe old age of 36. Finally it came to an end. After the deadline I wondered why I wasn't being given any more work and head designer was avoiding me. I was blown away when they decided to let me go. The reasons lack of enthusiasm and missed deadlines. I was stunned. I think the department manager had watery eyes. He knew it was wrong. The next day no one said anything about me in the department meeting. My line went on to be the best selling of decade I heard later from my friend in sales.

VF and American Corporation. I have hated you for many years. You will never even know who I am or what I went through for you.

The mouth is undeveloped as a sign of not being able to speak.

The dove across the heart is my hope to make peace with what happened.

Reef VF Corp. Die by the Sword

Surf Check in Kirra, Australia

I super imposed 2 images in Photoshop.

Reef sent me on a two week trip to 

Australia for some fashion research. It

was a great trip! Thank you Reef.

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